10+ Study Tips | How to study effectively: Study Techniques & Strategies

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Best Study Tips and Techniques | Learn How to Study Effectively

Every student wants to become successful. But, may be due to their habits then lack behind. You should apply good habits for success. Don’t think about why you are not scoring good marks or any negative thoughts. Instead, try to implement following study tips. It shows you how to study effectively for exams, best study tips and skills for exams.

So, let’s step forward for success !!


Study Skills


1. Try to study day to day teaching

Make a habit of learning subjects daily. Whatever teachers teaches you in whatever subjects, come home, take some time to become fresh and start reading of particular subject/s that your teacher/s had taught you today at least once. Likewise, read the second time and the third time, you will automatically get learned by heart.


2. Plan particular time for studying

Study time is the time when you are studying or doing your schoolwork. It can be completing projects/assignments, studying for a test, etc.


3. Revise weekly

Whatever you learned daily or till now, try to make revise of all of that topics. This will help you at exam time. You will neither feel frustrated nor burden. You can plan a test even. Tell your parents or tuition teacher to prepare a test paper. And, solve that test paper weekly.


4. Set your goal

study tips and skills and techniques and strategies and achieve your goal

Goal reminds you to study harder. You can write your goal on A4 size paper(should be visible from far) and stick it on every wall of your house. It prevents you to waste your time.


5. Work on the assignments you find difficult first

Usually, students refer the topics that they find easy and then think they will score good marks. At the time of the exam, they find the exam paper hard/difficult. Instead, you should work on the assignments in which you are facing difficulties. After 2 or 3 revisions it becomes your one of the easy topic/s.


6. Review notes before beginning assignments

This will help you to make sure that you are doing assignments correctly.


7. Keep your phone aside or switch off your phone

how to study effectively & best study tips and skills techniques strategies

Study while you study! Please, guys, try to keep your phone outside your study room. This will help you to interruption. It is not easy to get back to your work once distracted. So better to switch off your phone while you study.


8. Call a friend in case of difficulty

You can call your friend when you face some difficulty. But, it doesn’t mean you start talking stuff with friends. Again, this may distract you from studies. In case your friend also does not know how to solve your problem, note down that specific topic in your book and the next day you can ask your teacher. Yeah! Solved 🙂


9. Discover learning style

Everyone has their own learning style. For example, some learners prefer writing all the topics or some learners would like to prefer by speaking loudly or some like to walk while the book in their hands, etc. So, discover your style and get success!


10. Take breaks

Take a break of 10 mins after every 30-45 mins of study. This helps you not to get bored or tired. Working for so long on same work may decrease your performance. Note that when you take a break get away from your books or study room. In short, do some physical movements.


11. Take care of yourself

Try to consume healthy food during exam time. Eating junk food or sugary food or fatty snacks can affect your health and in return affects your studies. Have a good amount of sleep and do some physical exercise or yoga or meditation.

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Final Words:

It is never too early or too late for developing good habits. The sooner you start developing good habits, the easier it will be to score good marks. And, there will be more chances to come closer to your life’s goal. So, you should begin adopting these above habits or effective study tips or study skills now.

Good luck 🙂

Surabhi Patel

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