9+ Ways How to Flirt on Snapchat – How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text {Flirt like a Pro}

How to flirt over text

How to Flirt On Snapchat


Flirting is something romantically attracted to someone. If you are ready to flirt then you should know that you are sexually attracted to them and also like them. It might be a nervous point for you but don’t worry. It’s normal to be nervous with the one you really like her.

There are ways over here to how to flirt with a girl. Learn how to flirt through text and be a super flirtation. Whether you are flirting on a Snapchat or online or in person, it’s important to know that never misuse the other person’s feelings.

If you are searching for how to flirt on Snapchat then here your search comes to an end. This article will help you to know how to flirt with a girl over text.

1. Keep your crush wanting more 

Do not show your crush that you are dying to chat with her. Be normal. The smart way to avoid an awkward moment is to leave before it happens. Ending your conversation in a good manner will make a girl look forward.

2. Tease lightly 

To keep your mood light & fun, you will have to rely on words. You can not use body language in text conversation. Rely on sarcasm, exaggeration in the beginning. Make it clear that you are joking. Use winky emoticons but do not overuse the same. Otherwise, it would look corny for the other person. If you have sent something which might be interpreted wrong way, then make your meaning clear. You can say something like “just kidding” or “jk”

3. Do not give her a quick hint 

This is more important as once she knows that you are attracted to her she might not give her attention. It may lead to opposite reaction. Make them wonder how much you like them. You can say “you look cute in your new sweater today” or any other comments that is nice.

4. Be bold 

If none of the trick work then be bold in words. As you can not give person your expression, the only way to flirt through text is to be bold in words. You can say “I hope you know that you are gorgeous/ my fav person to talk to, etc” or “Sorry if this is too forward, but I have to say that you are an amazing/incredible person I have ever met”.

5. Know when to ask for more information

You should know the correct time about when to ask for more information. For example “are you going to kick your butt in tonight’s game?”, “so are you planning to spend the whole evening with chatting or any other plans for this evening?”, etc.

6. Take a perfect selfie

Sending a perfect selfie to your crush will make her say “hey, I look cute for you”. Snapchat camera is clutch for selfie-taking. The very common mistake everyone does is they look into the mirror(screen) instead of the camera lens. The flirtatious selfie should be the person seeing it not the one taking it.

7. Don’t be afraid to use L word

how to flirt on snapchat

8. Seriously you should smile more

How to flirt with a girl

9. Being Cameron Dallas always help

how to flirt on snapchat with a girl

10. Leave something to the imagination

How to flirt with a girl

Final Words:

So, above were the ways of how to flirt on Snapchat or how to flirt over text with a girl. But do remember that flirting is supposed to be fun so do not take it too seriously. Not every interaction would be perfect. Stay positive and keep going. Once again I would suggest that if someone is not at all interested in you then please do not disturb her or do not come ego in between.



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