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angel drawing

Angel Drawing

Hello, angels!! Yes, you kids are equal to cute little angels. You all love angels and therefore angel drawing. You might be wondering how to draw step by step. But, don’t worry. Here are many pictures, you can see drawing tutorials and simply follow step by step drawing.

Drawing angel is very much easy. That too angel wings drawing is quite cute. There may be many drawings of angels but here we come up with the best.

So what you are waiting for? Simply follow our step by step drawing and color it with your choice and with the background.


How to Draw Step by Step

Step 1:

drawings of angels

Start with drawing hair of a girl.


Step 2:

angel wings drawing

Then draw a face and a neck.


Step 3:

drawing angel

Draw shoulders and then hands.


Step 4:

how to draw an angel

Now, draw a cute dress of a girl.


Step 5:

step by step drawing

Add some more hair to her right side.


Step 6:

how to draw step by step

Sketch legs and a star stick in her hands.


Step 7:

angel drawing

Draw wings into her dress which gives her a Pari (Angel) look.


Step 8:

how to draw step by step

Draw flowers on her hair, eyes, nose and a smile.


Step 9:

Color it.



So, angels, I hope you liked our drawing tutorials and if you are really fond of cartoon characters then click on our Learn Category. If you are waiting for our new post for drawings, then stay tuned and till then take care of yourself!

And yes remember we love you kids and will also take care of your choice, likes, and interest. Buh-bye!! 🙂

Surabhi Patel

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