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Beach Party Fun Games For Kids and Adults


In summer the weather gets warm so for that everyone wants to go the beach and play something game for kids. The beach games keep them entertained and for adults, it provides exercise and fun both so for that there is some beach games for Kids and Adults are listed here so that you can find the best outdoor games for kids and adults and enjoy your day with your family and friend.


Beach Games For Kids

beach games for kids, outdoor games for kids

1. Water Relay

Water relay is one of the favorite games for kids. In this game kids are going in the water and fill their cup with water then they run back and fill the empty bucket with water one who fills the bucket first win the game.


2. Beach Kite Flying

The beach is the perfect place for kite flying it really fun for kids take some kits with you or you can buy from the beach area stores. For kids they can fly kits for a long time if you want to make them busy then you can tell him that make their kits and then fly in the sky.


3. Beach Bubble Blowing

At beach, it fun for kids to blowing a bubble you can make your own bubble blowing liquid for making a blowing liquid follow the step given below

What we need for making blowing water

  • A large container with a lid
  • 6 cups water
  • 1 cup dish detergent
  • 1 tablespoon glycerine
  • ¼ cup corn syrups.

For making this first measure water into the container. Then add one cup of dish soap and mixed it until completely mixed. Then add the glycerine and corn syrup and mix completely. Put the liquid in the bottle and carry to the beach.


4. Beach River Race

The kid will love this game and it will keep them entertained a long time. We can use bucket todo flowing water if kids want to hold the water and release at one time then use small pieces of wood make boats and river along with this. It looks like a dam.


5. Beach Treasure Hunt

The beach treasure hunt is one of the best game. In this game make a list an item which can find on a beach. The item is base on the age of your kids. You provide a copy of things to kids and give them a bucket to put the things.


6. Beach Tag

Tag game is more fun for kids in this game try to have the person who is “it” and then whoever gets tagged last is the new it.


Beach Games for Adults

beach games for adults, outdoor games for adults

There is much game for adults also it fun for adults at the beach. It is listed below.


1. Beach Limbo

Now a day’s Most of the adults are familiar with the limbo. Create a beach version with a boat oar, pool noodle, or large beach towel. In this game, Two people hold the “bar” and each person leans back and “dances” under it. Add some beach music. The “bar” is lowered each turn and the “winner” is the dancer who can go the lowest.


2. Beach Survivor

In this game, you will do preliminary planning make a large group divide group into five to six peoples and now create a list of challenges such as:

  • Hopping across the sand – very difficult in soft sand
  • Bury teammates in the sand
  • Stand on one leg the longs
  • A relay race
  • Tug of war with a wet beach towel

Eliminate one team or one player each challenge – whoever fails first, loses, etc.  The last team or individual remaining in the game wins.


3. Beach Musical Blankets

Similar to Musical Chairs when we go on the beach instead of chairs we use towels for this put all towels at the sand. Make a line of towels make sure one minus towel then we start the music. Player dance around the towels until the music stops. When the music stops each player stand on the towels. The “winner” of the game is who left at the end of the game.


4. Beach “Bocce” Ball

In this game, we have bocce ball in this game throw the object as close as the target we use any other object for the target in this game we make sure that no one will hit the ball.


5. Beach Darts

We don’t need a dart board we draw the board in the sand and instead of using darts we use stone or something hit your “dart “ make a point and see who win the game.


Final Words:

Hope you need all information regarding the beach games for kids and adults. Play these top 10 best outdoor games with friends and family. So enjoy your weekend with your family.

Thank you.


Surabhi Patel

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