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Download Cheez App Apk

Cheez App Review:


If you remember the app “Vine”, then you might also know that it was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and it was finished badly just in last year. Currently, the Cheez app is going on the trend, might be you have heard a lot about it. If you don’t then here is the Cheez App Review for you guys. Download Cheez app now!

Cheez App reminds us of the Vine App. Users use very short videos which can be done with Snapchat effects and stickers. Also, there are many more new features in Cheez App but will get into it later. You can get Cheez apk download from here.

Let’s talk about the difference between Cheez App and Vine App.

  • Vine App has a maximum length of videos of 6 seconds.
  • While Cheez App acquires a maximum length of 17 seconds.

  • Vine App tells you a storytelling, create comedy clips.
  • While Cheez App brings you day to day life with maximum no. of content into it.

You can easily get Cheez App APK here.

Cheez App Features:

Here is every feature of Cheez App. Have a look!

# Allows you to trim, cut, merge and duplicate the video clips.

# Make holiday movie by stitching multiple memories.

# Live filters – updated on every occasion.

# Dance, lip sync, music videos, etc. are available.

# Easy to use video maker.

# View a personalized feed of videos created by other Cheezers.

# Share your videos on Cheez App.

# Also share it with other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Musical.ly, etc.

Top Video Categories includes:

# Comedy, Prank, and Clever Editing

# Talents like dancing, singing, magic, guitar, and many more

# Lip-syncing

# Fashion and Beauty

# Vlogging

# Animals espe. Funny and cute dogs!

Final Words:

Now, what you guys are waiting for?? Install the Cheez App now and celebrate friendships, relationships, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and all those memories with your beloved and loved ones. Cheez App provides daily battles, challenges, and dance off! Cheez App/apk Download and start having more fun.

Just start posting a topic and see the battle, also see which side it gets more votes and videos. Join a challenge now. Show your talent and creativity to people. Dance off with a lot of fun and challenges – the world’s first Mobile Dancing Game.



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