How to Draw a Girl | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial | Draw Girl’s Face

How to Draw a Girl

How to Draw a Girl

When the question comes to how to draw a girl, you might be nervous or feel like “drawing girl is somewhat difficult” or you might draw a girl in simple common shape. But now it’s time to show your talent in a different manner. Now, draw a girl in the easy and different method.

Drawing pictures of how to draw a girl are as below. Drawing a face is maybe your hurdle. don’t worry about drawing girl’s face because here we are here to help you. But before drawing art here is a tip for you. The tip draws cute things with light pencil, avoid erase as much as you can, notice a pic very nicely, etc.


How to Draw Girl Step By Step | Drawing Pictures

Learn how to draw a girl step by step with following easy steps for drawing. Check it out and boom!!

Step 1:

drawings for girls

Firstly, draw hair of a girl.


Step 2:

girl drawing easy

Draw a girl’s face and ears.


Step 3:

draw a girl

Add eyes, nose, smile, eyebrows and specs og a girl.


Step 4:

how to draw girls

Draw a muffler.


Step 5:

drawing art

Draw her dress as shown in the picture.


Step 6:

drawing pictures

Next, draw sleeves of the dress and fingers.


Step 7:

drawing girl

Add legs and shoes.


Step 8:

How to Draw a Girl

For more detailed texture, draw four buttons to her dress, some more hair style.


Step 9:

Color it.



There are other drawings of girls. Just click Learn Category of our website and boom! Your talent. I hope now you can answer someone for how to draw girls. And now you realized how easy to draw a girl. Easy girl drawing.

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