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 how to draw a ladybug

How to Draw a Ladybug

Hey kids, how to draw a ladybug?? Haha, here is your solution to the question. We are gonna learn ladybug drawing. Ladybug is a very cute tiny insect usually found on the leaf or any greenery place. It is believed that ladybug brings Good Luck.

Many people are fond of this ladybug because of their spotted and attractive appearance. Ladybug beetles do bite but it does not have poisonous glands or saliva. So don’t worry 😉 but yes, the tiny bite would be an irritation at best.

I am giving you some of its facts just for your knowledge. But, your question is still unanswered about How to make a Ladybug? So, take your pencil and paper and start drawing step by step with us.


Ladybug Drawing (Step By Step with Images)

Draw Ladybug with full enthusiastic and color it and show it to your teachers/ parents/ friends so that everyone can know your art.


Step 1:

drawing a ladybug

Draw two semi-circles with different shapes for the face of a Ladybug.


Step 2:

easy ladybug drawing

Draw the body of a Ladybug in an oval shape.


Step 3:

how to draw insects

Add two wings at top of its body.


Step 4:

how to make a ladybug

Draw hands and legs.


Step 5:

draw ladybug

Draw eyes, nose and a cute smile, and two antennas!


Step 6:

ladybug drawing

Also, add three circles on its body and blush.


Step 7:

how to draw a ladybug

Draw parallel lines to its lower part of the body.


Step 8:

ladybug drawing

You can also add a background like these or any of your choice!


Step 9:

Color it.



So, I hope you enjoyed drawing a ladybug with us. For more drawing tutorials you can visit our Learn Category. Learn more easy drawings step by step and share it with your friends.

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