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pineapple drawing

Pineapple Drawing

You may be confused about how to draw a Pineapple. Drawing a Pineapple is not that hard as you think. Yes, today I would like to teach you Pineapple drawing. Likewise, fruits drawing is also easy if you try it out. But I would love to guide you in one of my favorite fruit, Pineapple.

Learn to draw Pineapple here. Simple and easy Pineapple drawing is here that too with images. The following shows you how to draw Pineapple step by step.


How to Draw a Pineapple

Step 1:

how to draw a pineapple

Draw an oval shape at the bottom.


Step 2:

how to draw a pineapple

Make leafy shapes at top of that oval.


Step 3:

draw pineapple

Draw a slight S-like shape inside an oval shape.


Step 4:

simple pineapple drawing

Draw a reverse S-like shape (slightly). Make sure that space between them are even.


Step 5:

drawing a pineapple

To represent spikes on the fruit, draw a diamond-like a shape at the center of each area.


Step 6:

Color it with yellow and green color.


I told you! Drawing a Pineapple is much much easy than you think. Keep trying how to draw Pineapple step by step. You can see other posts on drawing tutorials in Learn Category.

So, this was Pineapple drawing for kids. I hope you are enjoying my posts. Stay tuned with us and take care!! Cya 🙂

Surabhi Patel

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