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how to draw a dog

How to Draw Animals | How to Draw Animals Step By Step

Hello, Kids!! Today, I am here to teach you how to draw animals. Especially how to draw a dog is today’s topic. You might be searching for easy dog drawing. Today, we are gonna have lots of fun. Why?? Because we will learn how to draw dog step by step with images.

Try to draw a dog without using an eraser. Because by this you will be able to draw very nicely and neatly in future. See the following steps and images of how to draw dogs and tell your parents or teachers about your art.


How to Draw a Dog | Steps to Draw a Dog

Step 1:

how to draw dogs

Draw two parallel lines for the nose of the dog.


Step 2:

draw a dog

Add top of the head and ears.


Step 3:

how to draw animals step by step

Draw a rear back of the body of a dog.


Step 4:

dog drawing easy

Draw lower neck and chest.


Step 5:

steps to draw a dog

Draw front and back legs.


Step 6:

how to draw dog step by step

Add toes to dog’s legs.


Step 7:

how to draw a dog

Now, sketch the eyes, another ear, a nose and a tail.


Step 8:

Color it.



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