How To Change Your Name After Marriage – Voter ID Name Correction

How To Change Your Name After Marriage - Voter ID Name Correction

Download Registration Form For Voter ID Card

Change Your Name, Surname, Address After Marriage

Voter ID Name Correction


If you are looking for registration of voter card after marriage or changing the name after marriage in voter card then you are at the right place. This article will help you to register yourself in the voter card and to make changes after the marriage. For a new registration of voter card, there is the simplest way to register using voter ID Form 6.  

For example: After marriage, the wife has to update the new voter ID but before updating it is necessary that she must be registered as a voter. So after marriage, the wife needs to have an updated voter ID.


For registration after marriage, the candidate has to fill the voter ID card form no 6 herself. The method is same for registration as she has registered before.


Ways To Register New Address In Voter ID


#  If the person is getting registered for the first time then he/she has to fill form no 6 which is about the enrollment for a new voter. To download this form he/she needs to get connected with the CEO(chief election officer) official website of the respected area.


#  If she has already registered as a voter and has her own voter id card but after marriage, she needs to have updated voter id. So for that, she needs to fill form no 6 for the change of residential address.


#  If she has a voter id from the same Assembly constituency then she only needs to change the address on the voter id. For this situation, she needs to fill the form 8-A for the different residential address.


Documents Required For Changing Name and Address Registration Voter ID (Form No. 6)


For a proof, a wife needs to submit a copy of her marriage certificate or a copy of her marriage invitation card.  These documents are enough for the submission.


This documents will sum all the methods and scenarios needed for the registration of her companion as a voter for the new address.  So she does not need to waste time and she gets registered as soon as possible.


Whenever you think about a new registration or a new voter id the first thing you need is to fill Form no 6. If the person does not fill this form then that person will not get a respected voter id. So this form is the most important document for the whole voting and election process. This form is somewhat similar to the foundation stone which gets build voter’s out of the normal citizens and it also needs to construct the whole structure for the democracy.


Since the wife has left her better half behind her old home to start a new life at a respective place which is out of Comfort zone, hence the husband should be known that his wife should be registered as a new voter of her new address which will help her during elections and she would be able to choose officials which will govern her constituency of residence.


This Process must be difficult for a newly married lady, so she needs to adjust fast to the new surroundings. So if she is been registered as a voter and has her own name in voter’s list for her new address. This will let her feel relaxation in her new career.


How To Change Name In Election Card After Marriage


As we see that our voter card is required at many places so we need to check that every information in voter card must be correct because it is the most important thing. If the information is wrong then that voter card Won’t be acknowledged and you will need to show Another proof.  In voter card, the common mistakes are about spelling mistakes in name and also mistake in address etc. All these mistakes can be modified online easily.


It is important to note that the changes will be made if your name exists in voter list. If your name does not exist then the changes will not be modified.


Steps To Make Changes In Voter ID Card Online


#  The first step is that you need to visit the link of National voters service portal, then you will get a link of correction of entries in the ELECTORAL roll.

#  After clicking on that link another page will get open where you can see various online applications forms listed there.

#  If you want to make changes in the information of voter id then you need to click on Form No. 8.

As discussed above form no 8 is about the correction to particulars which are entered in the electoral roll. It is necessary to have your voter card so that you must easily modify the changes. After than you need to fill online application form.

Download Application Form No. 6

Data To Be Entered In Online Application Form No. 6 For Voter ID Card


#  You need to state the Assembly or parliamentary constituency to which you belong.

#  Then you need to enter Name,  your electoral roll, serial number, gender and your age.

#  After then you need to fill the data regarding your family which includes the name of father/mother/husband.

#  You need to enter your complete and proper address.

#  If you have an issued voter id then you need to provide details about the issued voter id card like card number, date of the issued card, the state where you have issued the card. And for which consistency it was issued.

#  After filling these details the person needs to upload that document which will include your latest photo copy and a valid id with your address proof.

#  After that, you will choose the details which are going to be changed. For example; if you want to change the name then you need to click on the tab “my name” and then you can change your name.

#  Enter the name of the city from where you are requesting. You need to mention the date on which this request is made for correction in your voter id.

#  Provide your contact information.

#  After filling all these data you need to verify it and click on submit tab.

#  After submitting the form the ECI will verify your information and incorporate with the relevant changes whether the information is accurate or not.


Apply Online for Registration of New Voter / Due to Shifting from AC

Correction of Entries in Electoral Roll

Track Application Status

Final Words:

Hence the women’s need to register themselves after marriage because it is necessary for the proof. And the changes for the name and address after marriage is also necessary. I hope you all get the correct link for online registration form no.6 Voter id card. Get much more news in our News Category.



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