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How to Draw A Bicycle

You all may have questions like how to draw a bicycle. But do not have a proper answer. So here we are to guide you properly fo drawing tutorials. Bike drawing is easy and simple to draw. Draw bike and color it of your choice. You can also add a background of your choice.

Now how to draw bike?? The following shows you the same. We give you step by step drawing instructions. Kids would enjoy our drawing lessons. So, draw bike and show it to your parents or teachers for reward or may be for your own happiness.

Bycicle drawing is easy to draw. We are going to learn simple and easy bike drawing. So, draw a bike fearless and enjoy the same.


Bike Drawing | Step by Step Drawing

Step 1:

how to draw bike step by step

Draw two circles as shown which represents wheels.


Step 2:

draw a bike

Draw three lines as shown in the figure.


Step 3:

draw bike

Draw a long oval shape which shows chain and draw a pedal.


Step 4:

how to draw bike

Draw back portion of the bicycle, a seat, and a handle.


Step 5:

bike drawing

Add a basket in front of the bicycle if you want.


Step 6:

how to draw a bicycle

Draw a horizontal line which joins two parts of a bicycle which we have drawn.


Step 7:

Color it.



I hope you got the answer for how to draw bike step by step and found bike drawing easy for kids. We made easy for you to draw as we guiding with images and proper instructions. See our other drawing lessons for kids in Learn Category.

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