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how to draw a donut

How to Draw Cartoons

Hey, this is a drawing tutorials, especially for kids. We are giving you step by step drawing instructions. It means we are giving you free drawing lessons. How to draw step by step is the biggest questions.

Drawing cartoons are very easy if you are dedicated to it. Today we are going to learn how to draw a donut. Learn drawing in easy and simple method only on khisu.com.

You can find easy drawing tutorials over here. Following is the solution for how to draw a donut step by step.


Step by Step Drawing | How to Draw A Donut

Step 1:

donut drawing


Draw an oval shape.


Step 2:

how to learn drawing

In the center of the oval, try to draw an ellipse. This is a donut hole.


Step 3:

learn drawing

Draw a wavy line.


Step 4:

easy drawing tutorials

Add some texture to the upper part of the donut.


Step 5:

drawing tutorials

Draw eyes, blush and a cute smile!


Step 6:

Color it.



I hope we solved your query for how to learn drawing. You can get many things to learn drawing in Learn Category. We provide drawing tutorials only for kids. We would be glad if you are enjoying our drawing lessons. Do comment if any query.

Thank you!

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