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Birthday Cake Drawing

Drawing cake is much easier for you kids! Yes, here I come up with how to draw cake. Keeping your interest in drawing tutorials, I am giving you guidance for learning how to draw cake step by step. Yes, with these steps of birthday cake drawing you will be able to learn how to draw cute things very easily.

Draw birthday cake with following 7 simple and easy steps:


How to Draw Cake Step by Step

Step 1:

cake drawing

Start with three horizontal lines parallel to each other.


Step 2:

how to draw cake step by step

Draw curves in such a way that it joins horizontal lines.


Step 3:

how to draw cake step by step

Draw a semicircle like shown.


Step 4:

drawing cake

Draw lighting candles by two vertically parallel lines and a reverse V-shape. Add a lighting to your candles.


Step 5:

birthday cake drawing


You can also add some cherries to your cake with green leaf.


Step 6:

how to draw cake step by step

Design your cake.


Step 7:

Color it.



I hope now you understood that drawing cute things is much easier! Keep trying new things to draw and keep practicing. Practice will make you perfect in future. You can also try out our other drawing tutorials step by step in Learn Category.

Thank you!

Surabhi Patel

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