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how to flirt with a guy

How to Flirt With a Guy


Flirting is an art that some girl has inbuilt and some girls don’t. If you are wondering how to flirt with a guy then here some solution for your question. We will also give you flirting tips in between so read it very carefully.


Men at any age they are always attracted to charming women. They might be nervous or smooth talkers but they all love charming women. If you really want to know how to flirt with a guy over text or how to flirt with your crush or how to flirt with your boyfriend, then you need to know this fact that guys are always excited to flirt with girls.


But again, guys are not going to flirt outrageously with every girl they meet. So, sometimes you also need to step first. Guys usually don’t take risk of flirting with a girl unless a girl makes a move. If you wanna know is he flirting with me then read this article with concentrate as your answers are hidden here.


How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text


#Ask them “by accident”

Even if you have sent the text to your crush intentionally, don’t let him know that. Say “oh so sorry, that was for the friend. Anyway, what are you doing?”


#Don’t respond

Even though they are dying inside to respond him as fast as possible, don’t let him know. Wait for some time to respond. Even if you don’t respond at that day it’s ok! Leave some questions hanging so that he will be more invested if he wanna chase it a little.


#Try sending texts at night

You could say, “I’m all snuggled up in the bed. What are you doing?”. Wait until gets dark before you text him. Texting at night invites flirting and more intimate.


#Be you

However you try to use techniques, you need to be yourself. For instance, you do not need to send so much exclamation marks to show how excited you’re if you are not really excited in real life. So be careful !


#Give him a cute nickname

Giving cute name doesn’t really find interesting but, by this, he could know that you like him. You can use manly or go over the top to show cutesy and silly. For example, use “sugar pie” or “babe” for more cutesy. You can use “hunk” or “Thor” for the manly reply.


#Keep the conversation going

Giving him one-word reply will not work. Instead, reply with a bit bigger one or ask him a question or introduce a new topic if you have nothing to say. For example, if he asks “Do you like movies?” don’t reply with one word i.e “Yes.” you can reply like “Yes, especially when I am seeing that with cuties like you! When are we going?”.


How to Flirt With Your Crush


#Smile, Blush and be natural

Guys love the women who’re happy and full of positivity. Especially guys love a girl’s smile. Avoid being arrogant, rude or pass cocky comments. Be warm and approachable. Smile a lot and blush when he compliments you.


#Compliment and thank him

Compliments are one of the happy flirting conversation. He loves the fact that you noticed something nice about him. He will try to please you more when you acknowledge a guy’s gestures positively.  


#Stare into his eyes

One of the secrets of how to flirt with a guy is staring into his eyes. Don’t really be in love with him to win his heart. You just need to be happy and excited to be with him. It might feel him awkward but a deep eye contact and a happy smile will definitely leave him weak in his knees.


#Be expressive

Spend a few minutes in front of your mirror and try to make expressions. Learn to flutter your eyelids, work on your smile, and your happy expressions. No guy could ignore this.


#Keep your hands away from your hair

Guys love when women run their hands through their hair. Next time when you are in the middle of the conversation run your hands through your hair to show off your confidence. But whatever you do, it will only make your guy’s jaw drop in awe!!


#Tease him

If his joke is not really funny, say it. Pull a guy down once in a rare or teasing him in jest. He will surely overdo himself to impress you. If you want to know how to flirt with a guy over text, make him feel special. But the flirty game should still be in your hand.


#Don’t be loud

When you are having a conversation with a guy, try to be subtle and feminine, be it in your voice or the way you dress.


#Get closer

It’s a subtle cue that you’re open for a kiss. Break down eye contact just long enough to glance down at his lips.


#Keep gum or tic-tac in your purse

One of the most icebreakers is “Want one?”


#Check out their clothes

Ask him about the sports, brand or band after noticing on his T-shirt. He will notice that you noticed.


Final words:

I hope you learned how to flirt through text. How to flirt with your crush is a common question that most of the girls have. How many of you have a boyfriend who used to be your crush?? I am not trying to demoralize. Instead, try to know how to flirt with a guy.




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