How to Impress a Girl – Make Her Fall in Love With You {5 Bonus Ways How to Attract a Girl}

how to impress a girl

How to impress a girl


Want to know how to impress a girl?? Here you go for the answer. There may be many questions in your mind. So today I am going to guide you about how to get a girlfriend. To impress a girl is a bit difficult for some of the guys. There is a technique for the same.


Apply below rules to how to attract a girl and be a Superman! Haha! Ok so on a serious note, let’s start the points or say rules.


Dress Well to Impress:

Whenever you are going to meet a girl take a proper shower, have a hair bath and get ready before time. Keep your mouth. Clean, use nice smelling shower gel. Wear clean clothes and pressed one. The first impression for girls is how you dress. So firstly concentrate on it.


Be Polite:

A quality what girls want from their boyfriend is well-mannered. Being well-mannered does not mean you are boring. Hold the door for the one who is behind you when entering the door (of course if someone is there behind you). Say “Please”, “Thank you”, “You’re welcome”, etc.


Think Before You Speak:

Many a time, people slips up and say the wrong thing. That’s why it is said that think hundred times before you speak. Because once spoken words you can not take back. As it would be your first impression, evaluate first and then speak up.



Give her a nice and genuine compliment when you’re around her. Think what you like the best about her: whether it is her smile or her laugh, her intelligence or her sense of humor. You do not need to shower compliments, just be genuine. Keep eye contact when you are saying that too.


Make Her Feel Special:

Find little ways to make her happy. Take care of every little thing to bring a smile on her cute face. Don’t ignore her. Whenever she wants to talk, do it even if it is slightly inconvenient. If she texts you, reply her back.


Bonus Tips On How to Impress a Girl


** Making her jealous is not so cool idea. Even talking about other girls look is not a good idea because as far as she knows, she is the only person you’re interested in.


** Don’t throw dirty jokes.


** Avoid cursing and saying crude in public. Try to show your best when people around you don’t know well.


** Girls are attracted to the one who is serious about their career, the one who has control of their life.


** Are there any sports games which you couldn’t play or couldn’t learn? Then this is the time. Take some time for yourself and learn that sports game. Girls love the guy who is interesting. Having hobbies or outside activities make your impression good.


Final Words:

So, above were some useful free tips to how to impress a girl. Follow above points and go get a girl. Let us know was the points to how to impress girls useful. Once you understand how to talk to girls, you will automatically learn impressing girls.


Wish you the good luck and take care!

Buh-bye 🙂

Keep rocking



Surabhi Patel

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