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how to meditate

Meditation for Sleep


You might be wondering how to meditate. Long years ago, yogis used to teach Vipassana Meditation. Vipassana meditation is an awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens. It is one of the tools through which one gains peace of mind.


Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits of Meditation. I would like to share few of its benefits with you:

  • Increases fertility
  • Reduces stress and anger
  • Enhances immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improvement in concentration
  • Feels happier than before (gets positive rays every day)
  • Improvement in understanding people, etc.


Other than these above, there are many many benefits of Vipassana. By practicing meditation you can lead a better life. There are meditation techniques which I wanna share with you guys! There may be different meditation techniques for different people. But today I would share the one which I know and I have been practicing daily.


Meditation Techniques


Candle Staring

If you are suffering from focus, you should try candle gazing meditation technique. Light a candle and stare at it. If your mind races then just try to observe what it is doing and let your thoughts releases.



By repeating mantras over and over again, you can increase your focus and calmness. You can choose Gayatri Mantra or you can make up your own. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just feel good about your choice. You can choose other Sanskrit Mantras.


Present Moment Meditation

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Take a few moments here and then expand your awareness: focus to body and sensations that its feelings. Expand your focus to anything touching your body, focus on that sensations. Finally, expand your focus to everything you hear and sense. Now, reverse this process, one at a time, and come back to your breath.


How to Meditate


Meditation is one of the best exercises that one can do daily. Now the important question is how to meditate. Simply follow below steps to meditate:


1. Sit on the mat comfortably.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Breath naturally. No need to control your breath.

4. Focus on your breath and how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Do it as per above techniques. Choose any techniques.

5. Try to practice this meditation technique for 2-3 minutes. Later on increase your meditation period for the best results.


Final Words:

You just need to spend some time for yourself daily in the morning. I know you might have your hectic schedule, but can’t you spend at least half an hour for yourself?? Half an hour from your 24 hours is not a big deal I guess! So what are you waiting for?? No. don’t wait for anything or anyone. Just start today and feel relaxation and calmness of mind.


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