Latest News: Easiest Way to Create Gif for Whatsapp and Facebook

fastest way to create gif for whatsapp facebook using youtube

Easiest Way to Create Gif for Whatsapp and Facebook


You all are aware of Whatsapp App. If you see then taking Whatsapp old version to Whatsapp latest version, they have made many many changes. It keeps on updating new features so that people could have most of the facilities in one App i.e. Whatsapp App.


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You have seen various Gif videos in Whatsapp as well as Facebook. Gif is nothing but one type of video which has very short length and keeps on repeating. Anyway, seeing this Gif videos you might have felt to create these kinds of videos and share. The easiest way to create Gif is taking any video of your choice and choose short duration part and just share it !!


Latest Whatsapp Version 2017 says that you can now create “Gif” in Whatsapp App itself. WOW!! That’s really a great news. You might have seen Gif option in Whatsapp but if you wanna create your own Gif then go to YouTube Videos and choose any short duration part and create your own Gif of your choice.


Steps to Create Gif for Whatsapp and Facebook (Easiest Way to Create Gif)


1. Go to YouTube

2. Choose Video of your choice

3. Now select the part of URL, after www. And before youtube.com

For eg. : https://www.gifyoutube.com/watch?v=HutEG9m50fA

4. Press enter

5. You will redirect to another URL i.e https://gifs.com/

6. Pick start point at the bottom. You can adjust that blue part.

7. Click on “Create Gif”.

8. Give Gif title and tags

9. Click Next button

10. Click on Download Gif

11. That’s it 🙂


You will find many other options during this process. Now create you own Gif and share it friends and loved ones.


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