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How to Draw for Kids

Learn how to draw for kids. Today we are going to draw Hello Kitty which is favorite for most of the girls especially. Free draw here and let us know about your experience with it.

Hello Kitty pictures are available below, by which you can see and draw it by yourself as instructed. You might be wondering how to draw hello kitty. It is not so hard. Yes! Really. Hello Kitty drawing is quite easy then you think.

So tie up your seat belt and learn how to draw Hello Kitty Step by Step. Draw Hello Kitty and surprise your mom by coloring it too. Also, learn how to draw Hello Kitty face. After drawing Hello Kitty, you yourself be surprised that you can draw anything.


How to Draw Hello Kitty Step by Step

Step 1:

how to draw hello kitty step by step


Start with an oval shape for the face of the kitty.


Step 2:

draw hello kitty

Draw its body with two vertical lines where it joins at the center bottom of its body as shown.

how to draw hello kitty face

Remember that the diameter of the face of kitty is equal to the body of kitty.


Step 3:

drawing hello kitty

Draw the hands with holding hearts stick.


Step 4:

hello kitty drawing

Draw lower part of her body.


Step 5:

how to draw for kids

Next, draw eyes, nose, ears and a bow at the top right side of her head. Also, do not forget to add whiskers on either side of the face.


Step 6:

how to draw hello kitty

Lastly, draw bubbles and hearts floating in the air.


Step 7:

Color it.

NOTE: Due to excess consumption of fast food, my cute little Hello Kitty became fat 🙁 I miss my old Hello Kitty who used to look slim and trim!  But, you take care not to eat much fast food.



So girls, enjoyed drawing Hello Kitty? I hope so. Anyways, if you wanna draw cute things then check out our Learn Category. We are giving step by step guidance for drawings so that it make you easy to draw. Also, learn how to draw cute things. We are offering you free drawing tutorials for kids. So, do not waste your time and learn drawings easy.

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