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maadhaar app - android mobile app download - UIDAI app

mAadhar App APK Download- Android Mobile App Launched Recently


Modiji, Prime Minister of India, launched India as a Digital India on 2 July 2015. And now he is proving the same. Recently, mAadhaar app has been launched to make it easier for people to create their adhar card.

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) continued to take initiative of Digital India. It launched mAdhar App. this app with have a name, gender, birthdate and address with attached photograph. This mAadhar App is available on Google Play Store. Or you can directly download mAdhaar App 2017 from here.

Although this app is in beta version. So it doesn’t include all features. But features like following are available. Explore it!


Key features of mAadhar App:

1) Sign in into mAadhar app and you do not need to remember your aadhar card number. It will display for you.

2) Biometric lock/unlock feature which helps you to keep the data safe. This lock can also be removed by the user but it is recommended to keep it.

3) This app has One-Time Password i.e. OTP Generator which is different from other SMS based OTP.

4) You can request for an updation of Aadhar card.

5) Subtraction of manual entry. Share your QR code and password protected eKYC data just to retrieve information from it.



It is mandatory to register your Mobile Number to use mAadhar App. If you mobile number is not register with your mobile number, visit your nearest Enrolment Centre or Mobile Update End Point.


Steps on How to use mAadhar App:

1. Install mAadhaar App from Google Play Store for Android. Or you can directly install by clicking here – download mAadhaar APK App

2. Open it. Splash screen will appear like this:

download mAadhaar app

3. Create password for security purpose. You need to tick mark terms & conditions. Make sure your password should contain minimum 8 characters with at least 1 digit, 1 special character and 1 cap alphabet.

mAadhaar android app download

4. Click “Confirm” button.

5. Now enter your aadhaar number as shown or you can scan QR-Code for the same.

maadhaar app download android

Download App

6. Click “Next” button.

7. Now you get OTP for Aadhaar and it will be valid till 30 minutes only. Click on Verify button.


8. You can view your aadhaar card as below.

maadhaar app download android

9. You can lock/unlock biometric data as stated above.


Final Words:

As this mAadhar app is a Beta Version, you might not get all the features. But it is recommended to keep this app in your smart phones.

All thanks to our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi as he is making Digital India. Lets support him from all our heart.

Jay Bharat !

Jay Hind !


Surabhi Patel

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