Navratri Festival 2017 Date – New Chaniya Choli Designs, Garba Steps ’17

happy navratri 2017

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Happy Navratri 2017


First of all, wishing you Happy Navratri to all of you! Navratri means fun, playing Garba, worshipping the goddess, fast for nine days for those devotees, etc. You guys might be very fond of Navratri Festival but do you know basic information about Navratri Fest? Let us start with the same.

Navratri of 2017 will start on September 21, Thursday and ends on September 29, Friday. Navratri 2017 is celebrated to worship all the nine forms of Goddess Durga (Hindu Goddess of Power). It is one of the important festivals of Hindu and celebrated all over India.

Navratri is a Sanskrit word, meaning “nine nights”. Navratri 2017 Festival is one of the main festival celebrated in Gujarat. People there get together on the ground and plays Garba in the group. They play Garba with dandiya or tipni. Many devotees do fast in those nine days during Navratri Festival. They chant various Slokas and Mantras during fast.

Every year the date of Navratri Festival changes as it comes the lunar month of Ashwin during Sharad Ritu. It is determined as per the lunar calendar. Navratri Festival could be held one day more or less, again depending on that lunar calendar. It mainly falls in September or October of every year. The very last day i.e. on the tenth day, people culminates by celebrating Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami.


The Nine Days Of Navratri 2017 Festival


Day 1: Pratipada (21 September 2017)

Day 2: Dwitiya (22 September 2017)

Day 3: Tritiya (23 September 2017)

Day 4: Chaturthi (24 September 2017)

Day 5: Panchami (25 September 2017)

Day 6: Shashthi (26 September 2017)

Day 7: Saptami (27 September 2017)

Day 8: Ashtami (28 September 2017)

Day 9: Navami (29 September 2017)

Day 10: Dussehra (30 September 2017)


New Lehenga Designs For Navratri 2017

Now get your latest Navratri Designer Lehenga 2017. We provide you the best designer lehenga designs for Navratri 2017. You can either stitch by yourself (if you know stitching) or else you can buy it from the best low price that we provide you. Here are some lists of best and unique collections of chaniya choli for Navratri 2017. If you liked it, click on the link available in each dandiya dress 2017.


Latest Chaniya Choli Designs for Navratri 2017


Garba Videos          buy best navratri dress, chaniya choli, lehenga of 2017

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learn new Garba Steps of 2017           Download Dandiya Songs, Navratri songs download mp3

Download Dandiya Songs, Navratri songs download mp3           Download Dandiya Songs, Navratri songs download mp3

Download Dandiya Songs, Navratri songs download mp3


Garba Steps

Many of you guys want to play Garba, but the point is you didn’t know? Or if you know it, you like to learn latest Garba steps 2017. Here are some Garba steps that would help you to learn Garba steps step-by-step.


Learn Garba & Dodhiya Version 2017


Learn New 20 Step’s Western Style in Dodhiya for 2017 Navaratri


Watch New Garba Class and Navratri Steps 2017


Learn Garba Step by Step


Learn 20 Steps Dodhiya With Modern Touch


Simple Garba Step by Step For Beginner


Dandiya Songs

What if you can do Garba dance well, dress well but didn’t have dandiya songs? Here are some great collections of famous Garba songs. Download latest dandiya songs 2017 from below links available. You can download Garba songs 2017 or play those too if you wanna practice Garba steps at home.

Download Top 10 Navratri Songs

Download Navratri Songs MP3

Download Ghor Andhari Re Song Free mp3

Download Tara Vina Shyam Mane Song Free mp3

Download Kesariyo Rang Tane Lagyo Song mp3 Free Download

Download Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje mp3 song free Download

Download Khel Khel Re Bhavani Maa Song Free Download


Garba Videos

These Garba Videos are for those who really want to learn Garba steps of 2017. Learn this Garba steps and let everyone know how beautiful you dance!!


Gujarati non-stop Garba Song-Polo Club-Vadodara


Watch Garba Videos


Garba Dress

Garba dress makes you feel good to look good and ultimately dance well. Buy now this Garba dress for you Navratri Festival 2017. Here are top rated Garba dresses of 2017. Make sure these chaniya choli designs 2017 will make you aware of what trending lehenga designs are going in the market so that you could buy for this Navratri 2017.

Navratri festival 2017           Garba Videos

Garba Videos        Garba Steps

Garba Steps           Garba Steps

Buy Lehenga Online Sale

Garba Dress            Garba Dress

  Garba Dress             New Lehenga Designs For Navratri 2017

  New Lehenga Designs For Navratri 2017           New Lehenga Designs For Navratri 2017

Buy Latest Unique Designer Lehenga 2017

  New Lehenga Designs For Navratri 2017          Navratri 2017

  Navratri 2017 Navratri 2017

  Navratri festival 2017             Navratri festival 2017


Final Words:

Navratri festival 2017 comes yearly, so enjoy this festival at it fullest with your friends and families. Watch out Garba Videos, learn new Garba Steps, download Dandiya Songs, and wear new unique latest designer dandiya dress of 2017. Let everyone jealous of you 😉

Check out this new Navratri Messages, Happy Navratri 2017, Navratri Images from here.


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