Sailing Ship Drawing for Kids | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial with Images

ship drawing

Ship Drawing

Ship drawing can be really fun. Traditionally, sailing ships used to carry out 3-4 masts with square sails on each mast. There are many different types of sailing ships but there are few things in common such as hull, rigging, and at least one mast.

Every kid at primary stage have a question, how to draw ship? Sailboat drawing is very easy to draw after you see step by step drawing tutorial. My message to kids is that it happens many a time when you try to draw anything, it doesn’t look so good or maybe it would your worst drawing. But, never stop trying. You would like my sailing ship drawing, why? Because at one moment I tried drawing every shape many times (when I was small 😉 ).

After seeing mine step by step drawing tutorials, you can also draw a ship in very short period of time. Following gives you ship drawing images.

Sailing Ship Drawing (Step by Step)

Step 1:

ship drawing

Draw a ship’s deck.


Step 2:

sailboat drawing

Add water waves.


Step 3:

sailboat drawing

Draw the sailboat’s masts. For these, draw three standing lines with different lengths.

NOTE: Do not press too hard as we are gonna erase these lines later.


Step 4:

sailing ship drawing

Add a crossbar with a light pencil. These are to give contours a nice shape.


Step 5:

drawing ship

Draw double lines keeping specific equal distance like shown. 


Step 6:

ship drawing images

Outline the sails which are rectangular in shape.


Step 7:

ship drawing easy

After drawing all the masts, the picture of sailing ship looks like this.


Step 8:

draw a ship

Now, you can draw double lines with a dark(regular) pencil in between rectangular shape contours.


Step 9:

how to draw ship

Add flags at top of the masts. Also, erase unwanted lines or shapes which we have drawn with a light pencil.


Step 10:

Color it with your choice.



Hurry!! I know you-you might enjoy sailboat drawing. Because we provide you step by step drawing tutorials. You can also learn many more things to draw in our Learn Category.

Surabhi Patel

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