OMG: Shadow will be Invisible | Experience Amazing Shadow Invisible Event

Shadow Invisible Event on 3rd June 2017

OMG: Shadow will be invisible on 3rd June


Experience an amazing and interesting game on 3rd June. Yes, the game played by the Sun and Universal system. In every year this is seen on Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. In the month of June and December, you can realize this experience.


On 3rd June at 12:45 pm you will notice that the shadow of any item or your shadow will get invisible for 60 seconds. Scientific Center in dhrol city of Jamnagar District, Gujarat, India has organized a seminar for the same.


Invisible Shadow Event:

        Date:- 3rd June 2017

        Time:- Noon

        (start noticing your shadow @12:40 pm) (Shadow will be invisible @12:45 pm)


You can also experience this amazing event at your home. If you are experiencing this event then you can surely send us your selfie. If you wanna participate in this event and wanna enjoy more amazing events like this then call us on – (02897) 223638, 9979241100 organized by M.D. Mehta, Science Centre of Dhrol, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.


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