Snake In Phone Prank Android APK Download – Top 5 APP REVIEWS

Snake in Phone Prank App, APK Download


Top 5 Snake In Phone APK Download & Reviews

If you are looking for trending apps then yes, snake in phone prank apps are on its top level. Once you install snake on the screen prank apps, it will display realistic animation on your phone screen.

A] Snake On Screen Hissing Joke

This application is the top rated application in Google Play Store. Snake On Screen Hissing Joke App displays very realistic animation of snake (Python) on the screen of your phone. You can do everything that you usually do in your phone like play games, surfing, etc. fluent movement and its super fine quality of graphics can make anyone prank or scared 😀

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Steps to how to install and use Snake On Screen Hissing Joke App:

1. Install Snake On Screen Hissing Joke on your phone.

2. Start python with the time delayed for eg. 30 seconds

3. Ask your friend to connect your phone with his/her wifi.

4. And that’s it!

5. Snake appears and your friend is scared


B] Snake On Screen Joke

Snake On Screen Joke App displays crawling and hissing snake on your phone screen. It the most scary and funny snake game ever in 2017. Appears snake with hissing sounds within time set. The green and long snake worms will crawl around in the foreground of your screen. It doesn’t matter you are playing game or watching movie.

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C] Snake Screen Terrible Joke

Play Snake Screen Terrible Joke App with your friends and cousins. Make a terrible joke with your family. Make someone laugh in case he/she is off mood or tired. Make a professional joke that is intended to make the other person annoying only with this app.

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How to Scare your friends:

1. Install Snake Screen Terrible Joke App in your phone/tablet.

2. Press start button.

3. Tadda!

4. Everything is ready for joke.


D] Snake On Screen – Snake Screen

Best scary and smooth Snake Prank on phone screen. In this app, the real effects are used. Touring snake on your Android phone. You can maintain snake movement speed. When installed you just need to enable “Mouse On The Screen” toggle bar.

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E] Snake Screen

Snake Screen Application will serve you as a real snake animation in your phone. Snake would be moving from edge to edge of your screen. Horrifying snake will always be showing in the foreground. Like other applications you can do anything like read PDF files, browse gallery, etc. The frightening effect is so good that you can easily scare your friend.

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Final Words:

So, it was Snake In Phone Prank Android APK Download and Top 5 APP REVIEWS

Lastly, all these snake in phone prank apps are ranked keeping users in mind. You can prank your friend in an easy way just by installing snake on the screen apps. There are minor difference between all these above snake prank apps.

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Have a good experience and let us know about it freely.


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