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tea party ideas for adults - tea party games for adults

Unique Way to Celebrate Tea Party Ideas for Adults


Tea parties are just ancient way of get-together for gossips and spend time with full enjoyment. Tea parties are the best way to celebrate birthdays for little princess who love to dress up. And most of adults choose a Victorian theme party with big hats, lace dresses, masks and pinstripe suits. Make your tea party more interesting with one of our tea party games.


Tea Party Games for Adults

Anchoring in an efficient way in adult tea party is a entertaining way to enjoy with friends. This tea party games for adults will help your friends enjoy the party. Just make sure you leave some time for relaxing conversation over your cups of tea.


# Name the Tea

Use plates or small cups for this great tea party game. Distribute each and every guests with a pencil and piece of paper. Keep loose-leaf tea on each saucer or put a different tea into each cup. Ask your guests to identify it by seeing and smelling. Provide a list of tea names and pass the plates or cups so guests can match the each cup to the correct name. The one who identifies correct the most of teas is the winner. If you want to make the game more difficult, choose teas of same colour, such as white, black, or green.


# Tea Time Anagram

Another way to play tea party game which requires paper and pencil, give your friends to write as many words as they can that is made from the phrase TEA PARTY. Allocate them five minutes time for them to complete their lists. Offer several prizes, such as for:

  • The longest word
  • The funniest word
  • The most words created


# Word Race

For this tea party game, you just need a stopwatch. Distribute each player with paper and a pencil or pen. Set the watch for two minutes and ask players to write down as many words as fast as possible which start with T or have t, e, and a in them. Proper nouns are restricted. For each word that begins with the letter tea considered one point, and two points for having tea word in them. Sum up the points when the time gets over and the player with the high points wins.


# Tea Leaves Pictionary

This tea party game needs little time to prepare, but it is thirty minutes game. Before starting this tea party game, make note cards or slips of paper with tea-themed words. Make teams of three or four members. Open teabags and pour the contents into bowl, one for each team. One of each team picks out card and draws a picture with tea leaves on the table. Their team have to guess it. The drawer cannot utter a word. Each team get their turn, and the team giving the most correct answers in a shorter time is the winner.

Hint: Try the words chosen before the party. Pick word that are easy and some word that are more difficult.


# Mystery Bags

For this tea party game, you need 10-15 brown paper lunch bags. Keep different item in each bag. Select objects that have different mass, such as a kitchen sponge, orange, fork, or toy car. Sit in a circle and pass the bags one by one with the guests by guessing to identify inside each bag. Ask them to write what they think is there inside the bag on paper. Repeat again and ask everyone guess by touching inside the bag without looking. Then, let’s see how much correct they were at their first attempt. If want to make more interesting, keep small prizes to them who identified correctly the first attempt.


# Tea Party Bingo

Tea party bingo game is another entertaining game that keeps your guests have fun for a while. For this, use cardboard to cut out a teapot shape for each player. Mark a table of 25 square, 5 rows and 5 columns. Put similar
to tea party words in each square, for example teapot, tea bag, sugar, cream, teaspoon, etc. Give sticks or pen to cover the squares as game starts.


# Teapot Art

For this tea party game, give your guests paper, a colored pens, and a piece of cloth to cover their eyes. They simply have to draw a teapot with their covered eyes. Provide each player three minutes to draw and check which picture looks more similar to teapot. Distribute a prize who had drawn similar drawing.


Final Words:

So guys, I hope you you liked my tea party ideas for adults. Apply these tea party ideas and have more fun with friends and relatives. Above tea party games are so refreshing and unique that everyone would love this.



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