Tea Party Ideas – Tea Party Games For Kids – Best Way To Celebrate Party

tea party ideas - tea party games for kids - ways to celebrate kids party

Tea Party Games for Kids


Small children especially girls love dressing up. Thus tea party game is an interesting way for get-together and birthday parties. Boys rarely shows interest to participate, but tea party game is an awesome way for learning manners. Try out some themed tea party games, like “A Day at the Races.” Kids like to prefer taste of pizzas and little sausages that is wrapped in biscuits. Add some fun with our new themed tea party games for kids.


Tea Bag Hunt

This tea game is awesome way to start a kid’s tea party, hide a tea bag and small candies in small bags anywhere in the house where party is going on. Ask your guests to find them and whom so ever finds more number of tea bags is winner. Then serve tea bags for their first cup of tea.


Musical Chairs

Kids like musical chair game and it is suitable for tea party game. Give kids seat on chairs in a circle and play music that suits tea party. Whenever music is stopped, the kids should sit on chairs. Pull chair away each time and who did not sit is out. Another way to play this game is to have same number of chairs as kids, then last person who sits is out.


Don’t Smile!

While kids are drinking tea, it is good idea to have fun by play this game. Anyone tries to make everyone laugh or smile by telling a joke, making funny faces, or by laughing without reason, but they cannot touch anyone. Each player should be given two minutes for making laugh.


Tea Party Relay Races

Relay races are mostly favorite game of kids. Some interesting ways to play are given below for a tea party. First make two to three groups of kids with three to five players. Then select any one relay races from below:


# Teapot Relay Race

Provide two teapots for this great tea party game. According to the age of the group, use plastic teapots or small plastic buckets. Each team will try to fill the teapot or bucket with water via tea cup. Plastic cups are more preferable to use. The first team who fill the teapot or bucket wins this race.


# Spoon and Sugar Cube Relay Race

For this awesome race, your groups must keep a sugar cube on a spoon. If it falls, the player whose sugar cube fell, must again start race from starting line. The team with all members completing the race is the winner.


# Tea Cup Relay Race

This game best suits to older children. Provide a table or standing tray to each team at one end of a table with a teapot, cups, and saucers. And at the other end, provide each team with chairs for each member. Team members sit at the table and have to run to the table with the teapot, cups, and saucers, fill a cup, place it on the saucer, and come back to the table and sit. Each player take their turn and the team who have all their players seated with a cup of tea first is the winner.


# Tea Tray Relay

Each team is provided with empty tray. Team members have to run to a collection of items placed related to a tea party. They have to pick one item and place it on their respective tray and come back to the starting line. If all the items are placed on the tray, then the team who fill their tray first wins the race.


Tea Time Memory Game

An interesting game that kids will enjoy during tea time memory game. Use a large plate or tray. Give players paper and pencil or pen. Keep tea party themed items on the tray and cover it. Uncover and let each guest see items for about ten seconds. Then again cover the tray and let players write down list of items which they remembers. The one who remembered more items is considered winner. Try these items for keeping on tray:

A colorful tea bag
A wrapped candy
A sugar cube
A tea cup and saucer
A tea ball infuser
A teaspoon
A tea candle
A small notebook
A piece of fruit
A cookie or tea cake


“I’m a Little Teapot” Game

Mostly kids have played this Freeze Dance game before. And, many kids know the song, “I’m a Little Teapot,” which suits Freeze Dance game at a tea party. When the music starts, the kids have to dance on the song, doing some moves, and when it stops, they have to freeze in respective position. Those who don’t know moves, have to run. If someone keeps moving, they are considered out. Play till one player remains at last and declared winner.


Pin the Tea Cup on the Saucer

First draw a saucer on cardboard and cut and color tea cup shapes for each guest. Each guest takes their turn trying to point the cup to the saucer with blindfolded. Player who gets their cup pointed closest to the center of the saucer is winner.

I Spy

This is the game that checks the alertness and memory of guests, you require a colorful teapot to hide in normal sight. After everyone looks at it, ask them to leave the room. Then find a place to keep the teapot where can be seen. Tell the players not to utter anything when they see the teapot, but sit at the table for a cup of tea. The last player who see the teapot will hide another item, like a sugar bowl, tea cup, or saucer.


Tea Party Ideas

tea party ideas - tea party games for kids - ways to celebrate kids party

For giving awesome look to tea party, use colorful table cover, napkins, and decorate with fresh or artificial flowers which is also not too expensive. Check to the nearest available at local store at some discount, but an awesome place with some favors and reasonable prizes.



No need for serving a meal at tea party, but provide tasty snacks. Forte party for adult, keep petite fours, bite-sized confectioneries, and cucumber sandwiches, both are awesome for traditional tea party treats. Try some sandwiches and use cutters to make shapes like diamonds, circles, and triangles. Try iced tea or lemonade for guests who like cold drinks. Kids mostly prefer salty snacks and chocolates.


Favors and Prizes

Provide simple favors and prizes. Keep bookmarks, tea cups, tea bags, cosmetics and scents, notebooks, key chains (for adults), and wallets. Our tea party games and ideas for adults and kids are both traditional and original. If your team is of your lady friends, couples, or kids, we have a game for special tea party. Just pour the tea, play games, and enjoy!


Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed reading these tea party games for kids. You can apply this tea party ideas for kids on weekends when you’re free from your hectic schedules. Well, even you can also enjoy along with your kids. Here are the tea party ideas for adults. Check it out before anyone else does!

Thank you!



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